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Aerts Nursery is situated in Rijsbergen in the tree growing center, Zundert.
Our nursery is specialised in a wide assortment from Acer to Zelkova, cultivated in the open ground. These species are from different origins and are grown for a variety of purposes.
In addition we cultivate plants specially for hedges such as the Carpinus betulus, Fagus sylvatica, Fagus sylvatica “Atropurpurea”, Taxus baccata, etc.

We deliver:

  • forestry and hedging plants
  • rootstocks
  • pyramidal-/ conical trees
  • young avenue trees (lengths 2-2½ mtr and Ø 6-8 cm)

We have built a strong reputation for reliable service and excellent quality.
If so required we will be very pleased to prepare detailed quotations for your enquiries of plants supplied as rootstocks, bare rooted plants, rootballed- and burlapped plants. (”Balled” refers to the root ball (that is soil plus roots), which has been dug up, while “burlapped” refers to the wrapping material traditionally used for transporting tree and shrub deliveries.)

We welcome all enquiries and would highly recommend a visit to our nursery, where we would be happy to show you our wide range of plants.

Jack en José Aerts